¡Paraguay próspero!

As a registered not-for-profit organization, or 501 (c)3, Friends of Paraguay (FoP) has engaged in using funds to make grants for small projects throughout Paraguay. Based upon the success of two recent grantees, FoP wishes to increase funding, through donations from our members, to innovative Paraguayan organizations that have objectives similar to those of FoP. Such small grants, traditionally totaling no more than $500 each, enable FoP to support projects in areas such as education, small-scale agriculture, environmental preservation, primary health, and emergency humanitarian assistance, such as response to floods or fires. Our goal is to award at least four $500 grants by the end of 2021, or $2,000 in total.

Imagine – with only $500, you could make a significant difference for an institution and a community! Join with a few friends and make an additional grant possible. A modest donation will be able to make a major impact.

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